About Us

Travellers Autobarn opened in Sydney in late 1993, at a time when there were already a number of dealers selling cars to backpackers. However, these businesses were car dealerships first and foremost, and did not really understand the needs of travellers. From the outset, Travellers Autobarn focused entirely on these special needs. As ex-backpackers, all of us decided to provide the kind of service we would expect ourselves. What you see today is the result. None of the car dealers that were selling to backpackers in 1993 still exist today!

All our branches are in the heart of backpacker areas and since 1993 we have opened several locations around Australia.

  • Sydney in 1993
  • Cairns in 1999
  • Brisbane & Melbourne in 2002
  • Darwin & Perth in 2005

We are also proud to announce that we have opened two branches in New Zealand & 3 branches in the USA:

  • Auckland & Christchurch in 2016
  • Los Angeles, Las Vegas & San Francisco in 2019

In 2022 we open an online merchandise store allowing customers to buy T-shirts, hats, cups and much more as memories of their awesome road trips around Australia, New Zealand & USA!